What Can I Expect at my Men's Wellness Checkup?

Women are far more likely to visit the doctor than men are, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you’re among the men who avoid regular checkups, consider that health care that includes screenings, prevention, and diagnosis of health conditions, especially those specific to men, improve the quality and longevity of your life.

At Joshua Medical Group, we offer a comfortable space for men (and women) to visit for their annual exams. Don’t avoid this important checkup — read on to learn what to expect and understand why it’s an important part of your health care.

Initial information

Before Dr. Gonzalo Martinez sees you at Joshua Medical Group, you discuss your family history, personal health history, and current health status with an expert staff member at our office. This information helps Dr. Martinez determine if you need specific screenings or can go by a routine schedule. For example, if you have a history of colon cancer in your family, you may need a colonoscopy before the average recommended age of 50.

Comprehensive exam

Your men’s wellness checkup includes a comprehensive physical. Your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, height, and weight are recorded. Dr. Martinez observes your general appearance and mental quickness; he also evaluates the health of your skin and your ability to walk normally. He evaluates your heart beat to check for any irregularities and performs a lung exam that looks for unusual breathing sounds.

Dr. Martinez exams your head and neck, looking for any problems in your sinuses, teeth, throat, ears, and eyes. He can also evaluate your thyroid at this point.

You can expect an exam of your abdomen to check for liver size and any unusual bowel sounds that indicate a gut problem. Your balance, muscle strength, and reflexes are assessed. Dr. Martinez may also look at your skin and nails for specific clues about potential disease.

Male-specific exam

Men receive a checkup for issues specific to their health, including prostate and testicular cancer, low testosterone, and erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Martinez may examine your testicles for lumps, changes in size, or tenderness. A hernia exam looks for a weakness in the abdominal wall between the intestines and the scrotum. Dr. Martinez may examine your penis for signs of an STD and perform a prostate exam to evaluate its size and check for any irregular tissue.

Screenings at a wellness check

Dr. Martinez evaluates your heart health through screenings such as cholesterol measurements and blood pressure. He may also order a blood test to evaluate your blood sugar levels and check for diabetes. You may not need these screenings at each yearly appointment. The schedule depends on your age and risk factors.

The why behind wellness checks

You may think you’re completely healthy, so a yearly men’s wellness check is unnecessary. The truth is, many serious conditions — including high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and the early stages of colon cancer — have no obvious symptoms.

Regular wellness checks help Dr. Martinez catch these conditions early, which makes treatment easier and more successful. Dr. Martinez also uses a yearly wellness check to counsel you on healthy habits that can prevent catastrophic disease events.

At the Joshua Medical Group, we want men in the Palmdale area to be as healthy as possible. Call our office or schedule using this website to follow a path to wellness.

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