Skinny People Get Double Chins Too. But With SculpSure No one Needs to Keep Theirs

You can try to camouflage your extra chin with turtlenecks or nifty scarfs. But that’s not always easy or comfortable, especially in Palmdale where the temperature can climb above 80 in October and hit or exceed 100 degrees in July or August.

And if you’re wondering whether all those chin-toning exercises work, you’re not alone. Science still can’t find any evidence that you can exercise your double chin into submission. Surgery works, but it’s painful, costly, and takes a significant amount of recovery time.

Enter SculpSure®, an advanced laser system that shrinks your double chin by targeting and destroying the fat cells that give it substance. And there’s no surgery involved.

Gonzalo Martinez, M.D. is a board-certified family medicine and medical aesthetics specialist with offices at Joshua Medical Group in Palmdale, California. His patients, both men and women, love the results they see with SculpSure and he’s impressed with the benefits offered by this innovative technology.

Read on to find out why Dr. Martinez often recommends SculpSure for reducing your double chin.

SculpSure is a nonsurgical treatment

There’s no doubt that a surgical facelift or neck-lift can resolve your submental fullness (double chin). But many patients aren’t ready for, or simply don’t require, such a dramatic step.

At Joshua Medical Group, we’re always interested in medically sound and effective aesthetic treatments that can give our patients the results they desire with the least amount of pain and recovery time possible.

The advanced technology provided by the SculpSure system uses laser light energy to quickly break down the structural integrity of subcutaneous (under the skin) fat cells while sparing the upper layers of your skin from harm.

This process also encourages your body to boost its production of elastin and collagen in the treatment area, substances which naturally tighten and tone skin.

The results aren’t immediate. It takes about six weeks for your body’s lymphatic system to gather and begin removing the cellular debris SculpSure leaves behind and up to 12 weeks for optimal results to appear.

That’s relatively quick, however, when compared to some surgical procedures that can take months to a year to heal completely. And with SculpSure, you won’t have stitches or incision lines to care for as your double chin recedes.

The SculpSure procedure is simple and quick

Before beginning, we’ll have you slip on the protective eyewear we’ve supplied, as well as a hair net to keep your locks out of the treatment zone.

We then place and adjust headgear that’s designed to hold the SculpSure applicator securely in position, snap the applicator in place, start the machine, and let the device do its job.

You may feel a slight stinging or warmth as the laser cycles on and off during the session, but the system has built-in cooling technology to keep your skin comfortable.

It takes about 25 minutes to complete a double chin procedure, and then you’re on your way. It’s just that simple.

There’s no recovery time required with SculpSure

One of the major advantages we note with SculpSure is there’s no need to take time off work or other activities as you heal. In fact, there’s no recovery time necessary.

You may notice very minimal bruising or mild redness at the treatment site afterward, but you can expect that to fade within hours. The majority of our patients return to work or other normal activities immediately after a SculpSure procedure.

At Joshua Medical Group, we often recommend our patients who’d like to be rid of their double chin try SculpSure because it can provide the results they desire without surgery, significant discomfort, or a long healing process.

Schedule an appointment at Joshua Medical Group today to find out if you’re a SculpSure candidate.

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