Getting Rid of Your Stubborn Double Chin with SculpSure

A double chin is often associated with weight gain, but you don’t have to be overweight to have one. If your double chin, known as submental fat, makes you self-conscious, causes you to look older or fatter than you are, and negatively affects your profile, we at Joshua Medical Group can help with non-invasive SculpSure® laser treatments.

At one time, your only options for a double chin were to live with it, perform silly exercises that did nothing, or undergo invasive surgery. SculpSure offers a revolutionary option that helps you achieve the profile you’ve always wanted.

About SculpSure

SculpSure is a laser treatment that destroys fat cells in the treated areas. Long cleared by the FDA for use on stubborn parts of the body, such as the belly and flanks, SculpSure is now available to treat submental fat on your chin.

During SculpSure treatments, we apply a wand your double chin. This wand emits the laser energy, which feels warm and tingling. The energy penetrates your outer layer of skin to disrupt the fat cells that lie below. The fat cells die as a result of the disruption and are eliminated by your body’s natural waste-removal systems.

Effectiveness of SculpSure for a double chin

Research shows that people are 100% satisfied with the effects of SculpSure on the appearance of their double chins. They experience dramatic contour reductions that improve confidence.

Any one treatment of SculpSure reduces fat cells up to a 24% in a given treatment area. Most people elect multiple sessions to get the results they want.

Results aren’t immediate, but you do start to see changes within six weeks. Optimal results appear at about 12 weeks after treatment, once your body has had the time to eliminate the offending fat cells.

A non-invasive solution to a double chin

Surgery to address a double chin requires incisions, possible infection, and blood loss. With SculpSure, you face none of these side effects and complications. SculpSure is an in-office procedure that you can schedule on your lunch break. You’re in and out of our clinic and can resume all normal activities following treatment.

The only side effects may be some slight redness at the treatment area, but this subsides within a few hours.

Permanent results

SculpSure destroys fat under your chin for good. The cells affected by SculpSure cannot plump back up or regenerate. When you lose weight conventionally — through diet and exercise — the fat cells simply shrink, but they always have the potential to plump back up if you eat too much or can’t exercise. SculpSure fat cells are gone for good.

But a healthy lifestyle that includes a smart eating plan and regular physical activity does support your results. If you fall back into bad eating habits and avoid exercise, it’s still possible to gain considerable weight, as the remaining untreated fat cells may swell and your double chin return.

If you’re tired of living with a double chin that makes your profile less attractive than you’d like, call us at Joshua Medical Group or schedule a consultation using this website to learn about SculpSure as a non-invasive solution. Learn why our patients are so satisfied with the simple laser technology and can’t wait to flaunt their new look.

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