Feel Confident at the Beach This Summer With Body Contouring

In winter, you can almost forget about parts of your body that just don’t respond to diet and exercise. The bulge over your waistband or extra bits at your thighs hide well when you’re dressed in sweatshirts and baggy pants. Come summer, though, reality hits.

Baring it all at the beach in a bikini, swim trunks, or even just shorts and a tank reveals all those parts you hide when it’s cold. No matter how strict you are with what you put on your plate and how many visits you make to the gym, you can’t make them shrink.

At Joshua Medical Group, we have a solution. SculpSure® noninvasive body contouring helps people who are close to a healthy weight detail those stubborn areas. Read on to learn how you can hit the sand, sun, and surf with confidence.

About SculpSure

As we stated, SculpSure is noninvasive body contouring, but what does that mean? Here’s a primer.

SculpSure uses laser energy to penetrate the outer layer of your skin to heat up the fat cells that lie beneath. We use a handheld wand to apply the energy, so it can target large areas — your buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and back — and smaller areas, such as under your chin.

During the treatment, you may feel a warming sensation, as well as some tugging and mild tingling, but you don’t have to worry about injections, incisions, or stitches, as you would with invasive contouring methods. This means no blood loss and, most importantly, no scarring. You may have a little redness and swelling post-treatment, but this fades within a few hours.

The heat energy of the SculpSure laser creates an environment in which the fat cells can’t survive. They die and your body gets rid of them naturally, the way it gets rid of other toxins.

Beach-body results

Because it takes your body some time to flush away the fat cells, the results are not immediate. You start to see results from your SculpSure sessions in about six weeks, just in time to splash in the waves and lie in the sand. Final results are visible in 12 weeks. You’ll see sculpted, toned areas in the places you used to wrap up in your towel.

SculpSure reduces up to 24% of fat cells in a given treatment area after any one session. That means if you elect multiple treatments, you’ll lose more.

Results for many summers to come

SculpSure isn’t a temporary fix. It’s permanent. As long as you don’t gain any notable weight, your newly contoured body persists year after year. The destroyed fat cells can’t plump back up or regenerate. They’re gone for good.

No recovery time to mess with your summer plans

With SculpSure, you don’t have to park yourself at home for days or weeks following treatment. You come in to the office for less than an hour and undergo treatment. Then you go about your day — whether that involves work, swimsuit shopping, or a workout.

Unlike more invasive contouring methods like liposuction, SculpSure doesn’t interrupt your life and fits into a busy schedule. You can save your vacation days for time at the beach.

At Joshua Medical Group, we want to help members of the Palmdale area feel confident and proud of their bodies. Call to find out about SculpSure or schedule a consultation using this website.

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